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For more information, please check out, a professional manufacturer in the outdoor and indoor light box field,if you could not find out more specifications, please also go to , thanks.
Yes, I am sure we have premium quality and patented products,many thanks to my distributors to sell lots around the world with 7 USP (Unique Selling Point);

a.Ultra Designable Thin!
Only 10mm thickness with LED ultra stylish Light box, size up to 3meters to 1meters (for airport Interior design)!
b.Ultra Brightness Light!
Light box weights lower 4/5 than the traditional light box, it compliance with horizontal and vertical type,also hanging on the ceiling as partition for commercial place, check more out. 

c.Ultra Easy Film Switching!
Unique design made you more free time with family, just seconds could switch film without any tool or technician.

d.Ultra Illumination Perfect Presentation!
Use backlight technology to make you a viva and beautiful vision.

e.Ultra Energy Saving!
Saving 80% energy comparing with traditional light box.

f.Ultra Lifespan!
Up to 50,000 hours (about 6 years) super long lifespan of light box.

g.Ultra Profile!

High-end 6063 T5 extrusion Aluminum frame reflecting like boutique and became the favorite of professional designer.

 21Lite Technology Co., Ltd

Tel: +886-2-7716-5483  Fax:+886-2-7716-5484

10F., No.657-7, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang City, Taipei County 242, Taiwan (R.O.C.)