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Buy environmentally friendly water-based paint, to do a look at the two smell three survey, according to the room four, according to five VOC.
First, look at packaging. Consumers buy paint should carefully check the packaging, polyester paint has evaporation larger, commodity packaging should be sealed well, there is not any leak scene; metal packaging should not appear rust, or else that airproof or long time; but also carefully check the production date and shelf life, from the first the packaging will pick out defective paint.
Two is the smell taste. After opening the lid, the real environmental protection of water-based latex paint should be water-based non-toxic tasteless, so the user when the smell of smell, if there is a pungent odor or industrial flavor, is not an ideal choice. After a period of time, the appearance of genuine latex paint will form a very thick elastic oxide film, not easy to crack, and defective will only constitute a very thin film, fragile, with spicy odor. With a stick and latex paint mix, and then pick up sticks, excellent latex paint will flow down into a fan shape. Touch with your fingers, genuine latex paint should be lubricated, delicate. Real latex paint does not have a pungent odor, and fake latex water-based paint grade low water-soluble paint may be rich in formaldehyde, so there is a strong irritant taste.
Three is to investigate color. Excellent coating to protect the glue solution layer is colorless or yellowish, usually no floating surface.
The four is to choose paint based on the room. The latex paint function is very important, according to the different parts of the selection of brushing latex paint, such as bedroom and living room walls with paint request delicate texture, strong adhesion, high differentiation and good air permeability; kitchen, bathroom should paint with waterproof, mildew, easy to wash the function. Poly vinyl acetate (commonly known as latex paint) can be used in the bedroom, but the kitchen, toilet and balcony roof susceptible to moisture, should choose a more resistant to wipe the paint, strong ethylene propylene styrene acrylic latex paint.
Five is to look at the content of VOC. Coating VOC refers to the total amount of organic compounds contained in the coating, organic evaporation will damage the environment and the human body, should minimize the amount of these solvents. But it should be noted that these organic compounds are the main components of main film coating composition, also can not decrease the content of VOC, because it is likely to cause the coating viscosity will decrease, and then causing the paint off the powder, blistering, cracking, wiping resistance of low level present situation.
Xiaobian know that a case is occurred in 2000 in Beijing, a paint factory boss, as well as its own engineers, in order to confirm its own production of the paint, publicly drank half a cup (disposable plastic cup), attention is the kind of painted wall latex paint, water-based latex paint. A pass from mouth to mouth with approbation. But if oil paint, if it comes in contact with the body skin, one moment will feel a sense of fantasy is difficult to burn scald, drink will have some effect.
About cooking, drink paint, paint on the mannequin body paint brush and paint etc. these simple methods to promote Bo gimmick, not only need to spend their own cognitive progress and distinguish ability, also needs the relevant departments of the rectification, to completely eradicate the scene.
In fact, the demand side effects of paint after use must be time to show up, temporarily can not ensure safe and sound after can sleep without any anxiety as a rational, cost of goods, directly into the home goods, environmental protection can not be ignored, consumers in the purchase, must through the comparison and selection of carefully. As far as commodity security is concerned, consumers should be more trusting of scientific data and proven tests, rather than just looking at it.
Although the paint shop has become increasingly mature, but with the increase of paint companies, paint brands increased, but also brought a fierce competition market. The paint products, beverage, cosmetics as to promote, in addition to damage the body, resulting in adverse to mislead consumers, but also disrupted the healthy and orderly competition environment and economic order, not environmental protection coating ring finally still rely on the quality of the goods and consumer trust.



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