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According to the different construction methods, there are 2 kinds of ash cleaning methods in the environmental protection dust removal equipment.
1 online cleaning
High voltage pulse air from the electromagnetic pulse valve through pipelines from blowing hole high-speed spray through the dust bag above the neck of a Venturi, including two air induction, rushed into the filter bag, along the length of filter bag pulse pressure wave transient, will be deposited in the outer bag dust removing table down, dust hopper clean gas, clean gas chamber cleaning machine after. When the solenoid valve is off, the pulse valve diaphragm closed, stop the high pressure pulse air flow, once the dust cleared.
Online cleaning is the problem of high voltage pulse air generation is the main flow of the high pressure air reverse and crossed the bag so that the bag dust collection bag of jitter, get rid of appearance, a piece of dust into the dust hopper is located, and after discharging device outside the machine. In this process, the high pressure pulse air to overcome the resistance of the main air flow, its strength will be weakened. The useful filter area of the precipitator is also reduced in an instant (millisecond). From the industrial point of view, the impact of this area reduction on the technical system is negligible. In recent years, the online cleaning dust removal equipment, has been widely used in a variety of welding fume, dust flying industrial occasions.
2 off line cleaning
Off line cleaning requirements of environmental protection dust removal equipment planning for multi room combination, the completion of room by room ash cleaning. When a filter chamber needs cleaning, the filter chamber and the main air chamber is separated, filtered through the barrier is arranged between the air inlet or outlet valve complete. This process is about 2 ~ 3min. The results of the total area of the filter dust collector every cleaning operation in the process (or gross filtration area is reduced) a chamber filter area, reduction of total filtration area resulting in useful filter area (or net filtration area decreased obviously) is not the economy, increase infrastructure investment and, the owners will. In this regard is not as good as online ash. However, from the main air cleaning shields on the implementation of the filter bag, technically there are many advantages:
The high voltage pulse air passes through the filter bag can be useful without great cleaning, and the required pressure is low.
The bag was eradicated down from the appearance of plots of adequate time to fall into the dust hopper, the probability is very small flying again.
The cleaning frequency is reduced, the filter bag life can be extended.
The equipment of pulse valve is less in quantity, can reduce a contribution and protection work.
The cleaning of compressed air required less energy saving.
The cleaning efficiency is high, environmental protection equipment can keep low pressure drop, the result is the dust removal system to reduce the cost of operation.

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